Registration: 2 May 2014 (extended to accomodate financial year changes)

Abstracts: 20 Apr 2014

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Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JSPS

Oxford Astrophysics

The Rutherford Laboratory

Open University Astronomy

St Anne's College


THE UNIVERSE IN THE LIGHT OF AKARI and Synergy with future Large Space Telescopes 9 - 11 July 2014 - Oxford, UK


*** UPDATE 22nd April ***

As of 22nd April, St Anne's College has no more availability for rooms. We have looked at the OxfordRooms website, where there still appear to be some rooms available for the period 8-11 April, for example Somerville College (not far from the Conference Venue in the Physics Building) has 10 rooms available at a reasonable price. If you still need accomodation, please first of all check the OxfordRooms website, and if you are still not able to arrange suitable accomodation, then contact the Conference Officer, Leanne O'Donnell.


Original instructions

Block-booked/guaranteed accommodation is provided at St Anne's College at a cost of £75 per night for en suite rooms including breakfast. To ensure these rates, please book your accommodation for the nights 8-11th July during the Registration process (these rates will only be accessible through the Conference Registration form).   However, if you wish to stay in Oxford longer, please book any >additional< nights on this website.

If you have booked at St Anne's, please note the three following information pages: generalities, internet access, college map.

Accommodation is of course also available at other colleges, hotels and bed and breakfasts throughout town, which can be booked through any of the usual travel web sites. Hotels will usually by more expensive than St Anne's, often significantly so, while bed and breakfasts may have cheaper rates, especially if farther out of town. Check out Oxford City Council's Visit Oxford website. For bed and breakfasts, and Visitus B&B UK are also useful resources.

For a full college experience in other Oxford Colleges, please check Oxford Rooms.