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Abstracts: 20 Apr 2014

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Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JSPS

Oxford Astrophysics

The Rutherford Laboratory

Open University Astronomy

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THE UNIVERSE IN THE LIGHT OF AKARI and Synergy with future Large Space Telescopes 9 - 11 July 2014 - Oxford, UK

Conference Proceedings: Deadline 30 September 2014

The Conference Proceedings will be published in the refereed journal Publications of the Korean Astronomical Society. These papers are catergorised as being refereed, and are indexed on the NASA ADS system, as well as through CROSSREF, and will have unique DOI registrations.

Proceedings: Deadline 30 September 2014

We request that all manuscripts be submitted by the end of September, i.e. Tuesday September 30.

All authors will also requested to download a Copyright Form, complete it, and return a signed hardcopy via airmail to the chief editor at the address indicated below.

The instructions for the preparation and submission of papers are given in the .tar file below, along with an example that you can use to check with. Please place the style and template files the same directory so that you can make up your .tex file, and compile this with your .eps files, in order to compile your complete manuscript.


Please email your LaTeX .tex source file, .eps figures (if any), and an compiled PDF version of you contribution to as attachments. You should label your files as familyname.tex, familyname.pdf,, etc to facilitate the task of the editors.

The page limits for the Proceedings are indicated below. The editors may add one page to each oral contribution for questions and answers during the editing process, and relevant authors will be consulted in due time after receipt of the manuscripts and preliminary editorial work.

Contribution Pages
Invited talks 4
Contributed talks 4
Posters 2

Because of printing costs, we will only be able to accept a small number of colour figures. Please try to use black and white where possible, but if you feel that your presentation will significantly benefit from having a colour plate, please let Glenn White know. Final decisions on this will be taken on the basis of maintaining acceptable costs from the Publishing house, but we hope to be able to include a small number.