Registration: 2 May 2014 (extended to accomodate financial year changes)

Abstracts: 20 Apr 2014

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Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, JSPS

Oxford Astrophysics

The Rutherford Laboratory

Open University Astronomy

St Anne's College


THE UNIVERSE IN THE LIGHT OF AKARI and Synergy with future Large Space Telescopes 9 - 11 July 2014 - Oxford, UK

Science Organising Committee

Glenn White (UK, Chair)
Peter Barthel (NL)
Denis Burgarella (France)
Dave Clements (UK)
Yasuo Doi (Japan)
Hidehiro Kaneda (Japan)
Bon-Chul Koo (Korea)
Hyung-Mok Lee (Korea)
Hideo Matsuhara (Japan)
Takao Nakagawa (Japan)
Takashi Onaka (Japan, co-Chair)
Chris Pearson (UK)
Dimitra Rigopoulou (UK)
Stephen Serjeant (UK)
Issei Yamamura (Japan)

Local Organising Committee

Dimitra Rigopoulou (Oxford, Chair)
Chris Pearson (Rutherford Laboratory/Oxford/Open University, co-Chair)
Glenn White (Open University/Rutherford Laboratory)
Martin Bureau (Oxford)
Georgios Magdis (Oxford)
Leanne O’ Donnell (Oxford, Conference Officer)